Peaks Island House has 4 rooms for people to rent and use as their vacation getaway. All the rooms, as was the entire house back when we got it, were renovated practically from scratch when we made the purchase all the way back in 2016. Rooms that we’re offering have all the amenities that a room might need.

Notice that we said all the amenities that a room might need. Meaning that our rooms don’t actually have all the amenities that a room can have. All those pretty little icons that you can see for example on websites like No, for example you won’t find a fancy TV in your room, which many apartments seem to be proud with these days.

Our rooms are made to be relaxing, cozy, where people can get away from it all and just enjoy. That’s the main goal of Peaks Island House and we like to think that we managed to achieve just that with our little setup. Don’t worry though, we do have a TV that you can view in the common room, so you can still enjoy in watching TV if you absolutely have to.

We hope that you like our rooms enough to come and visit us. They might not have the kind of lavish decor that some fancy big city rooms might have, but that’s just because that is not the kind of look and feel we were going for.