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Hi there. Since you’re here, we’re assuming that you are interested in booking a room at our lovely island house. Peaks Island House is always happy to take in guests, but the number of rooms that we have is limited. So that is why you need to make sure that you make a booking before coming all the way and visiting us. That is something that you need to do pretty much everywhere, we’re no exceptions.

    Easiest and quickest way that you can make a reservation at Peaks Island House is by using the contact form up above. Just fill out all the fields and either me or Oscar will get in touch with you to arrange all the details. As an alternative to the contact form above, if for some reason it stops working, you can also contact us directly via phone.

    Peaks Island House
    Denman Island
    1455 Heron Way
    Lincoln City, OR 97204

    Phone number:

    There’s even the option for you to drop by our home, the Peaks Island House. Note the fact that we have the word island in the title of our property. We are located on the island, so a simple drop by is a bit more complicated. We STRONGLY recommend that you make a reservation or that you ask around via phone or email about availability before actually coming and visiting. All the best. Peaks Island House team.