First impressions matter

Peaks Island House wishes you a warm welcome and a pleasant stay. Our names are Oscar and Veronica Peak and we'll be your hosts for the duration of your stay. Nowadays we're living in an extremely hectic times, filled with lots of stress. Reports, projects, jobs that pop out of the blue and need to be finished right away. Not enough hours in the day, despite having the marvels of modern technology at our hands. We here at Peaks Island House have a solution. Get away from it all. Be brave and take a break. Go on a trip to a cozy distant place. Turn off your phone. We did the same and even though we own an Island House, we still keep doing it. Just last summer we decided to visit Split Croatia. Not only we visited it but we also did a 5 day island hopping when we visited Vis, Solta and Hvar island. It's an amazing little city on the shores of the Adriatic sea. There are a lot of interesting things to do near Split, and many places in the countryside on the outskirts of the city where you can just get away from it all. More detailed overview of 48 best things to do in Split can be seen of Zen Travel website. That's the philosophy of Peaks Island House. We've been in the business of providing people a place to get away from it all for the past 5 years now, and we're very proud of what we're doing here.

Basic philosophy of Peaks Island House

Remove yourself and think about important things

It is very easy to get lost in it all, isn't it? The charm of the large city, the race to score that one large client, get that one big sale sealed and so on. While you are doing all of these things, you really need to think about yourself for a moment. It's important to remove yourself, give yourself time to think about it all. Don't lose sight of things that are important to you, because that's how we get lost. That's how you start having problems finishing projects and lose motivation.

The further the better, turn off your phone

To really do a vacation properly Peaks Island House team recommends that you choose a destination that's far away from it all. It could be in the middle of the woods, up a mountain, or on an island off the coast of British Columbia. That last one we put up there for no particular reason, 😀 . Just get away from it all in order to really put things into perspective. You can't do that when you're surrounded with noise and commotion 24/7. You need peace and quiet to be able to hear yourself. We can offer you just that.

Coziness, good book, a glass of wine and pristine nature

Keep in mind that these things that we listed here are the bare minimum that we are recommending for people to look for when picking their vacation destination. Just go with what suits you. Coziness is something that we offer here at Peaks Island House. Books you're going to have to bring your own. We do have some wine, but there's a good chance that you won't like it, as wine is kinda a personal taste. Nature we've got plenty. Come visit us and see.

How we got started

We all started back in 2016, when we decided that we wanted to take a step back from our busy NYC lives as property managers in a huge multinational (i know it sounds impressive, but it's really not), grab a piece of remote property somewhere, a diamond in the rough as they say, and turn it into something beautiful. The perfect amount of distance for us turned out to be on the other side of the country, off the coast of British Columbia. It might be a little bit extreme for you, but that's just what worked for us. Traveling was always a part of our lives before, so this move wasn't such a huge shock when compared to our way of life before.

Our names are Oscar and Veronica Peak, and we've been together since 2005. We met at work, because where else would a couple of workaholics in NYC meet. One thing led to another and altogether we've spend almost 20 years by each other side now. We haven't made it official yet, but we're pretty much sure that we're going to end up together in the end. What does tying the knot actually mean nowadays anyway. So yeah, our life before was pretty hectic. There was a lot of travel, we've visited a lot of places, and done a lot of things.

If anything, the real shock for us was going through with our plans of actually buying an island house, getting away from it all and setting up shop in a single place. That was new to us, and it was kind of scary at first. We're not used to this type of lifestyle. It was a scary and new territory for us, but we adapted and we're loving our life now. Island house that we bought has been renovated from the ground up. Decision was made to make everything anew from the ground up. That's how what we now call Peak Island House has been created. This was all happening back in 2016, like we've already mentioned, and from then on we've decided that we wanted to share our little slice of heaven with other people. That's how we started renting our little island house.

So how does it work?

Make a reservation

First step if you want to enjoy in Peaks Island House, is to make a reservation. Head on over to our page for making reservations and there you'll be able to find all the contact info you'll need to get in touch with us. We can be pretty booked solid during spring and summer, but if you hurry up, you catch an empty spot in our calendar.

Take a trip

Once that you've made the reservation, it's time for start planning for the trip to come and visit us. We've located off the coast of British Columbia, so if you're not traveling often, you'll need to plan things out. Decide on a route, on all the things that you're going to want to see along the way, etc.

Shut down everything and enjoy

Last thing that you need to do is decide to unplug once that you do arrive at Peaks Island House. We have this, not so much a rule, but a strong suggestion that while you're here at us, you need to stop constantly checking your phone, laptop, any screen basically. Just shut it all down and enjoy.

Get in touch with us

If you want to get in touch with us the easiest and quickest way of doing that would be by filling out the contact form on the right. Alternatively you can call us, or if you for some reason find yourself in the vicinity of Lincoln City, Oregon, you can come and visit us. Here's the address and contact details for the Peaks Island House.

Peaks Island House
Denman Island
1455 Heron Way
Lincoln City, OR 97204

Phone number:

So that's pretty much it from us. If you like what we're offering here, if you like our philosophy, then make sure to get in touch, make a reservation. We'll update our gallery with pics all the time, so check it out to see the full beauty of Peaks Island House.

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